Donkey Van Rankin begins harsh criticism of the United States for its ‘reinforcements’

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George “Donkey” von Rankin Recognized as a A true follower of America in all life. So, the TV presenter did not save anything at that time Review the azulcrema Club Because of the way he builds his team Face the Apertura 2022 competition.

That it was possible before Eagles Add Jurgen Dam Already Giovanni dose Santos This summer, the Donkey was angry at Van Rankin’s Twitter account This is because both components add up to several months of inactivity He asked the Americans for more seriousness During this hiring period.

“In my humble opinion @ClubAmerica should be very serious about their hiring,” You can not call a player who has not played for a year, and others who are no longer on the team, which is something to believe.!!! “wrote the driver.

Release of Van Rankin Caused great repercussions among Americans through the same social network They began to support his view.

Donkey, tell your friend Emilio. Let him know the feeling of the American fans. America must behave as a better team“, Wrote user ElJefeAguila.

What are America’s reinforcements?

So far The Eagles They have not announced any official signing at the pitch level Beginning 2022, Although they sound like such elements Pablo Solari, German Fertrem, Giovanni dose Santos Y Jurgen Dam.

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