Don Tungashi: For some, Donald Trump is a political champion. Trumpism will create another champion

Foreign Policy Analyst Don Tungashiu gave an exclusive interview to DC News Trumpismul In American society and created this event.

In an exclusive interview with DC News, Don Tungashiu spoke about the former President of the United States Trumpismul Created in the community:

“You can not look at an elephant with a microscope. It creates perspective events, we are very close to it. Trump’s assessment is based on how we see the situation in America. It’s like the story of the egg and the chicken. What was there before? In the beginning it was Donald Trump. And if we say that he created cracks, the result is that if Trump leaves this system, apparently the system is restructured, we will return to the initial state, and the world will be happy.

Another approach is that it was not Trump in the beginning, but a deep tension in American society that created Trump. This is not the cause, it is the result of divisions in American society. Of course, when he came to power, he sharpened these things, and they were better. Trumpism is before Trump, not Trump before Trump. If we look at it from this perspective, it is clear that Trump’s exit from this system will not solve the problems. Trumpism is there, “said Don Tungashiu.

Trumpismul Will find another Trump

“Those tens of thousands of people have their eyes on American politics and their champion, Donald Trump, a political champion, represented their interests like no one before him. No one cares. Little boy-ul American. The origins of Trumpism must be seen in the economic crisis, but also in the economic wars of the Obama era. In this approach, Trump’s legacy will be more significant because Trumpism, if it is vibrant, will find another Trump. It’s still Donald Trump, or it’s someone else in the Trump family. If Trumpism is alive and well in American society, it will not be without political pride, ”concluded Don Tungashi.

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