Do the three highest-voting PLDs have presidential plans for 2024?

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Presidential aspirations have been pointed out to the three people who voted the most in the recent election of the Dominican Liberation Party political committee ahead of the 2024 elections.

The most voted candidate was Francisco Tomanjuus Brito, who was already a presidential candidate, although he did not win his party’s candidacy; Gonzalo Castillo came in second and was the PLD candidate in the 2020 election, where the Purple Party was defeated.

Abel Martinez is the mayor of Duran Santiago, although although he has not made public his aspirations for the presidency of the Republic, those close to the mayor have confirmed that they will serve on the presidency.

In fact, a billboard was unveiled in Santiago that reads, “Whoever changes a city can change a country”, the obvious motivation for their aspirations.

In the fourth election, Cristina Lizardo, the senator of the province of Santo Domingo, was elected and lost her seat at the hands of Antonio Tavaros and the modern revolutionary party.

Lizardo has been the chairman of the Coordinating Commission for the Joao Pita Medina Conference.

Danilo then succeeded Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez, who was vice president of the Republic for eight years in the Medina administration.

Cedino has always commented on his interest in seeking the Purple Party presidential candidate, but so far he has not made it public.

In the last election, she warned her fellow PLD leaders that it was necessary to look for a third way, because the current two, meanwhile, mean the “loss-loss” of her husband Lionel Fernandez and President Medina.

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She confirmed that the Medina department within the PLD had proposed to her husband to support Cedino de Fernandez, the then leader of the PLD, as a single candidate.

The PLD on this day elected members of its political committee for the next four years. In the process, the current members who ran for office, with the exception of Eduardo Selman, were re-elected.

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