Disney Juan Pablo would have backed Medina

Juan Pablo Medina Amidst the rumors, unfortunately he lost a part of his right leg due to a right thrombosis and as we told you on TV Notes the situation made him depressed to start his life again.

The actor who was now Nominated for the Ariel Award For his performance in the film ‘Idealists Club’, Replaced by Disney In one series he was already on the record for two weeks.

According to media reports, the actor was working on a series project with the producer when he became seriously ill due to thrombosis, so He should have stopped recording.

Now, it has emerged Disney would have decided not to wait Spanish actor to replace Juan Pablo Medina, Oscar Zainada.

After spending almost a month in the hospital, The 43-year-old actor was already preparing to return to workIn addition to the nomination, he is producing a play with producer Oscar Uriel.

Oscar Jainata TV Notes

Disney would have registered for two weeks Next to the actor in ‘La Casa de los Flores’, he impressed the producers with his talent and charisma, however, the time it took There was even his recovery And they decided to remove their footage.

Juan Pablo Medina After leaving the hospital he was active on his social networks, a few days ago he used that space to dedicate a release to his beloved actress, Paulina Devila, A postcard showing his most recent work.

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