Disney confirms ‘The Book of Bopa Fed’ is a ‘Mandolorian’ spin-off series

During season two finale Mandalorian Abandoned last week, it teased something called Boba Fed Book In a post-credit scenario. It is clear that Boba Fed is going to attract attention, we do not know if this is a movie, a new series, a curve Mandalorian Or something else. Today, Disney clarified it Boba Fed Book 2021 will be a brand new series debuting in December. Also, we know that this will happen in the normal time frame Mandalorian, So it would not be surprising for us to see some shortcuts between these shows.

The tweet also confirms that the show will be produced by management Mandalorian Created by John Pauro and Dave Pilloni (executive producer) Star Wars rebels) And numerous writer / director Robert Rodriguez (recently directed part 14) Mandalorian). Demuera Morrison and Ming-na Wen will play the roles of Boba Fed and Fennec Schnt, who have starred in recent episodes Mandalorian. There aren’t many things left, most specifically who will be hosting the show, but since it’s only a year into debut, we’ll have to hear more about this in the coming months. Another big question is when Mandalorian It will return to its third season – but with the introduction of a whole new series, we are not surprised to see Season Three pushed back a bit by 2022.

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