Discover that Kinder eggs hide a second useful surprise for mobile phones (video)


The Kinder egg is one of the most popular desserts around the world, not only because of its delicious milk chocolate, but also because of the surprise it holds inside. Now, a TikTok influencer has gone viral when he discovered the second surprise that can be found in these eggs and how they can be very useful for the cell phone we use daily.

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Hector Melgares shared on his TikTok account the clip in which he provides details of his discovery, which includes the eggs contained in the toys and their second function. “You can do more things with Kinder eggs. You'll see! And the second surprise,” he explains in the video as he opens the chocolate in half, revealing the yellow plastic housing the mystery toy.


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Once he removes the toy, Hector points to the tape connecting the two plastic parts. After cutting it open and leaving a large hole in the container, Tiktoker explains that we need a second egg to do the job. “The surprising trick that no one knows about. We put it like this (two pieces of plastic parallel to each other at a distance of a few centimeters) and we have a support for the phone. Finally, he explains that the trick can be used to place devices both vertically and horizontally.

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