Disability victims request a place in the Ministry of Equality

This was expressed during their meeting in Bogota, where they brought together social issues to build the National Development Plan 2022-2026.

Bogota, the capital›Bogota, the capital

During the weekend meeting, the 33 delegates for victims of armed conflict with disabilities before the national table reached a consensus on the need for a public secretariat within the Ministry of Equality to look after the affairs of this population.

The demand arises from the fact that in the bill submitted to Congress, which led to the creation of this office, the secretariat will have the primary task of ensuring equality and protection for the population in conditions of violation of their rights.

Representatives of victims of armed conflict with disabilities have agreed that if their application is approved, they will have direct access to the benefits that are compatible with them under the law, plus they will have the option to see how initiatives are implemented to advance their comprehensive care progress.

Productive and residential programs

Another initiative supported by victims with disabilities to be included in the National Development Plan 2022-2026 is related to guarantees of access to housing programs and productive projects.

Another suggestion is to incorporate a specific chapter for victims with disabilities that will ensure that they implement the strategies. Finally, modifications to the engagement protocol were also welcomed, so that there would be greater autonomy in defining and developing the corresponding spaces.

These proposals will be added to the National Active Victim Participation Schedule document for submission to the government, which will have initiatives from the 32 district schedules for victims, youth, women and forced displacement delegates.

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