Dimon predicts that artificial intelligence will allow for a 3.5-day work week

(Bloomberg) – Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said that thousands of his bank’s employees are already using… artificial intelligence It is likely to achieve huge improvements in workers’ quality of life, even if it leads to the elimination of some jobs.

“Your children will live to be 100 years old and will not get cancer thanks to technology.”Dimon said Monday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “And literally, they probably work three and a half days a week.”

Dimon, who described AI as “crucial to the future success of our company,” previously said the technology could be used to help the company develop new products, stimulate customer engagement, increase productivity and improve risk management.

The New York-based company announced more than 3,500 related jobs between February and April, according to data from consulting firm Evident, and Dimon devoted an entire section to artificial intelligence in his letter to shareholders this year, calling out JPMorgan’s efforts, which include more than 300 jobs. Use cases that are already in production, as an “absolute necessity”.

Even with the positive aspects that artificial intelligence offers, the technology poses risks, Damon said.

“Technology has done incredible things for humanity.”“But obviously planes are crashing, pharmaceutical products are being misused…there are negative things.” “I think the most negative thing about this is that bad people are using AI to do bad things.”

The CEO said that it is possible that artificial intelligence will replace some jobs, but this always happens with new technologies.

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Translated by Barbara Briceno.

Original Note: Damon sees AI giving the next generation a 3 1/2-day workweek

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