Diego Vasquez after the draw against Real de Minas: ‘If they tie you up at the last minute, you suffer a lot’ – Ten

After 23 games without participating in the national league, Motacua returned to the national ground, where they faced Real de Minas and sighed 2-2.

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At the end of the reassurance, Blues coach Diego Vasquez made assessments of the match and regretted the mistakes his team had made despite dominating the match.

“We didn’t like them connecting us like that in the last game of the game. The two ways the Real de Minas team got were two shots for that area and we didn’t know how to score them accordingly.”

From the point of view of the blue helmet, his footballers had little idea of ​​creativity. “It was very difficult for us to develop from a team that was behind. In the process of the match, Mottagua spent and handled the ball, but to play well, football also needs to be protected, which is the part we are left to duty.”

He adds: “We lost our identity on the two balls that were stopped because they tormented us with two balls. It was a mistake we could not make, and in the simplest way a qualified competitor tied us up.”

Blue Hellman notes that despite the tie at the end of the game there are many positive things and highlights: “We created target situations, we hit two posts, one in each half, we had the attendance, the size of the game, except we were saved by saving the balls”.

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He added: “With so many visits we always manage to continue a way of playing. I think 95 minutes is spent playing on the minas field. Of course, it’s not sure if you win, but it’s good to have feelings for the following.”

By the time he consulted with him about the taste that this tie had left him at the end of the game, Blue Hellman could not hide the pain caused by this type of event.

“You really enjoy it when you win at the last minute. Now you’re suffering a lot because you’re tied at the last minute. It was all in favor of us in all the processes of the tournament, but the football is over and not worthy, it hurts that they end up tying you up.”

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