Didn't you know! See who owns Little Caesars En Seconds Dominican Republic

This company is very popular in the country, have you ever wondered who is the current owner? Here we tell you.

That's how Little Caesars started

It all started when Mike Ilitch and Marian Bioff went on a blind date in 1954, which was arranged by the young man's father. They both fell so deeply in love that they were married within months.

In 1959, the couple invested their savings to open a pizzeria located in Garden City, Michigan, United States. The success was such that a new branch was later opened in Warren.

Ten years after the first opening, the company already had 50 branches and began expanding into Canada.

As for the famous slogan “Pizza, Pizza”, this came about because in 1979 they launched the 2×1 offer.

Who is the current owner of Little Caesars?
According to Forbes, the current owner of Little Caesars is David ScrivanoWho serves as Global CEO.

In an interview reported by the aforementioned outlet, the businessman spoke about the success of the brand in Mexico and stressed that the business model has been very successful.

“Some of the reasons we've been so successful are because the Mexican consumer really appreciates Little Caesars for their value, good prices and great quality pizza. Our hot and ready model is so accessible, our customers can come and go and eat their pizza right now. It's very convenient,” he commented. .

The series is very popular in the country (Littlecaesars)

According to Sports Business Journal, David Scrivano joined the pizza company in 1999 as senior vice president of administration. He also began his career in the 1980s as an assistant manager at Domino's Pizza on Long Island. He is originally from Michigan and also has a degree in biology.

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