Did they get out of hand? Tension between Biku and Shakira’s brother

Football is the main thing

The ex-footballer was in Miami visiting his children and the police would have intervened.

When Shakira signs off with PQ
Photo: EFE

The new nature of Shakira and her children in Miami will be as traumatic as she feared a few weeks ago when she asked for respect for her privacy and that of her children.

He is the protagonist of the Colombian entertainment, which reports an awkward situation when Gerard Pique first met his children, Milan and Sasha.


Football is the main thing


On the Telemundo show La mesa Caliente, it was reported that Donino would have intervened in an alleged argument between the former couple and the situation would have spiraled out of control.

“Gerard came to Miami to spend time with his children. News from the weekend was that Shakira reportedly got into a heated fight with her ex, and the argument with Pique turned so violent that Donino had to beat himself up to protect his sister,” the hosts commented.

“The police had to intervene, there was no official and public statement about the incident. Piqué was seen over the weekend, he was in an exclusive hotel with access to the sea, where he was having lunch with his children, who were seen in the hotel pool,” they added.

There was no comment or confirmation of the alleged incident, which added to the crosses carried by the Piguet and Mebarak families during the traumatic separation process.

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