Did Paola Rojas forgive Jacques after the betrayal? The journalist answers half the time

It has been more than four years since its release Jagu’s betrayal of journalist Paula RojasNew details of the relationship between the two are emerging and must now be faced If there is forgiveness in this And how is the relationship between the two.

What did Paola Rojas say about Zague?

In the program Netas Divinas, Paola Rojas was encouraged to share details about her life with the TV Azteca analyst, although this time at a distance. The bitterness he felt at one point For experiencing betrayal.

At that moment I thought mothersBut that process is over, I’m already healed, I’ve already forgiven myself, I’ve forgiven him”.

Words by Rojas FThey were celebrated by their comrades in exchangeSince they both have two children, they need to buy for them, so establishing a relationship is essential.

“We’re in another moment. I have affection for him, thank you.”

Children, a support in the relationship

Without going into the details of how the process was It leads to healthy communicationRojas previously agreed His aim was to create an environment conducive to the development of children.Without missing any statistics.

‚ÄúLuckily I have good connections Good relationship with father of my childrenWe have affection for each other, we have respect for each other, and we share the most beautiful responsibility, at least for me, of raising children”.

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