Did China have contact with aliens? They release a mysterious report with the data they reveal

They received strange signals from the Sky Telescope. Courtesy

According to official media reports, the Chinese government said it may have received a message from an alien civilization using its Sky Eye telescope in Guizhou, China. It has been confirmed, but it may be an alien planet.

Source: The Herald

The news and report were published on the website of the Beijing-based Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology’s official newspaper, the Science and Technology Daily. But according to Bloomberg, the Daily Report on Science and Technology deleted it shortly after its publication, although it is unclear why.

“The news has already begun to gain popularity on the Weibo social network and has been picked up by other media outlets, including the state media, but it has been removed from everywhere,” Bloomberg said.

Now what does the mysterious statement say?

The Science and Technology Daily Report quotes Zhang Dongji, chief scientist of an alien civilization search team founded jointly by Peking Normal University, the National Astronomical Observatory of China and the University of California, Berkeley.

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