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In the last years of his life, He still resigned his police protection though Paparazzi They were chasing her everywhere and she was adept at avoiding them when she didn’t want to be seen. As Diana’s daughter – in – law Elisa and Amelia Spencer once revealed, the princess had a technique for avoiding photographers with children.

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In the magazine , The 28-year-old twin daughters of Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, talking about their aunt’s memories. Although Eliza and Amelia were five years old when Diana died in Wales, Eliza vividly remembers the story of a day when Diana took them to Nordog beach just outside Cape Town. Was able to avoid Paparazzi Without warning the little girls.

“Obviously, this could have been too scary for us, too small and we didn’t understand what was going on.”, Reports. “But she Turned it into a game Whose car can get first. It was amazing how He protected us so that we could feel safe and unafraid. We do not know what he is doing then. “, Comments on Princess Diana.

Although they were born in London, the twins have lived in South Africa since 1995. Charles and his then-wife Victoria Aitken emigrated to Cape Town with their four children. In November 2020, he revealed While on vacation he fell in love with the country and moved there with his family because he wanted to have one for his children “Private education, happy and carefree”.

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