Dezmer’s strong prediction to Israel Rojas ‘the same thing will happen to you’

Renowned Cuban musician and composer, Decimer is good, He shared a post on his social networks and left a strong prediction to Bubana Faye, the leader of the Cuban group Israel Roses.

After Israel’s critique of the theme of ‘homeland and life’, Funo, along with Gente de Sona, Yoduel, McCall Osorbo and El Funky, now came to him with harsh words.

The song, which garnered more than a million views on YouTube in just a few hours, drew criticism from artists who, from the center of the controversy, posed as the island’s best defenders of the government, just like Israel.

But well, he was not like anyone else, he responded to Israel. Cupida is now recreating his words in full, below:


Thessalonians Epilogues A god of Greek mythology who betrayed his homeland by helping enemies win a battle and then had to leave his homeland.

This is what happens when someone in his homeland betrays you and continues to help those who have been turned away for years.

In doing so, he promised Eboltz a betrayal he had not seen. You will never find your reward with anyone you protect today. They will not hesitate to turn against you from the first moment you stop working as their tool and spokesperson.

For my part, I have already left my homeland before being forced by the dictatorship to protect yourself … but I am carrying my country with me, which is why today I raise my voice to those who have stayed and those who have left us.

When you succeed in changing the future of the country, you are the one who will one day have to flee. You will have the same guilt as the God of the myths you name.

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