Destroyer fined Plantense and became the second division champion

The Destroyer Revenge and won 4-3 on penalty kicks Plate El Salvador’s second division clasura prevented the 2021 final and the Zacatecoluca team from elevating directly to the first division.

The Puerto de la Libertad team was able to recover from a 0-3 draw at Cascatlin Stadium, with Colombian Christian Keiseto taking the title definition for shots from the penalty spot.

Russian roulette, Reynolds Corbio’s offense and goalkeeper Gerson Lopez saved Tony Maravilla to celebrate after a 4-3 penalty shootout.

The game ended 3-3 in 90 minutes and this marker did not move in extra time, so everything was awarded for the play of penalty shots.

The Plattens and Destroyers will play a match next weekend to determine who will be the team to be promoted to the first division.

The Platons had won the most finals in the previous final, and if they had won this Sunday they would have been promoted to the first category after 46 years.


Colombia Delcado scored from the penalty spot in the 32nd minute, four minutes before the end of the first half, when Rafa Burgos appeared in the small box and pushed the ball into the back of the net after receiving a shot from goalkeeper Gerson Lopez into Kelvin Hernandez. .

The distraught had a clear chance to open the scoring with Jefferson Viviros’ personal intrigue, but eventually the assistant referee noted offside and the move was a warning to Viroleno’s defense.

The Plattens came in much clearer and, after several attempts, were able to take the lead after a penalty shot from a fraud by Colombian Camilo Delcado de Rosamberg Cuevas in the 30th minute.

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Delcado asked for the ball and fell to goalkeeper Gerson Lopez to make it 1-0 in the 32nd minute.

Before the break, Viroleno’s second goal was celebrated by right-hander Kelvin Hernandez, who fired a shot that could not be contained by goalkeeper Gerson Lopez, and in the 41st minute Rafa Burgos came into the net.

Destroyer coach Juan Ramon Paredes made four changes early in the second half in an attempt to save the game and look for Touchdown to return to the title fight.

The Destroyer looked hard at the discount goal, but the Cacatologa team found the third goal in a counter-attack that left the opponent cold. Kelvin Hernandez sent the ball into the net in the 49th minute.

The Puerto de la Libertad team acted until the 58th minute, and in a free trio, the referee allowed Viroleno to impose a fine between the team’s claims.

The referee kept his decision firm, with Colombian Christian Guido Destroyer raising the net to a discount and a 1-3 draw.

Destroyer added play to end the game with a title with the goal of Christian Guizeto. The six minutes added by the referee was too long for the Plato and too short for the Buenos Aires team, which was not enough to force extra time.



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