Deputy Jose Horacio Rodriguez explains why he left the Allianza Pies party

The deputy for the national district, Jose Horacio Rodriguez, confirmed this Tuesday He left the Allianz Boyce partyThe political system he represented when he ran for Congress in 2020.

In an interview with the daily television show “El Thea” on Telecastema Channel 11, the legislator explained that his entry into Allianza Boyce was a result of the merger of the leading company. Guillermo Moreno with democratic willThe organization he first joined.

“The democratic will was established in 2015, we established it with enthusiasm and confidence, but we suffered from the arbitrary treatment of the Central Electoral Board, which at that time was abducted by the government in power. We saw the need to merge with Allianza Pice, To the issue of ideological communication, “Rodriguez explained.

According to the spouse, two years have passed and differences in procedures and work perspective have begun. Those discrepancies made the connection unacceptable.

“In a way, my colleagues in the Allianza Pies never saw us as coalition supporters, they always saw us as a democratic choice, and that goodwill never existed,” Rodriguez said. “Together came the point of not being able to do politics“, He added.

Without examining these differences, the legislature said The merger agreement should be reconsidered Before the Central Electoral Commission to restore the independence of optional democracy and legally re-establish itself as a party.

“Until that process is reached, I have no party, I’m in the air,” Rodriguez concluded, noting that as a result of the situation, he is currently considered before the House of Representatives as an independent congressman. .

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