Democratic Change candidate San Miguel announces his support for mayoral candidate Miguel Pereira | News from El Salvador

The CD party said on social media that “this support” of its candidate for Pereira did not respond to a corporate tax or to the CD party’s national tax.

Giovanni Flores, the mayoral candidate for Cambio Democratico (CD) for San Miguel, expressed his support for FMLN candidate Miguel Pereira this Sunday.

The decision was made today during a press conference held today at the CD headquarters in San Miguel, which Perera attended.

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This fact came after a group of people who identified themselves as the site of the New Ideas (NI) party on Saturday showed their support for the re-election of Mayor Pereira.

Starting today, Giovanni Flores asks his supporters to support Miguel Pereira, “because this is a plan that applies to San Miguel.”

Flores said it was a joint decision with the municipal board to support Pereira’s candidacy. “We must guarantee the development that our Mayor Miguel Pereira is doing for this city,” he added.

The CD party has split from candidate support for Perera

Despite the announcement, the CD party said on social media that “this support” of its candidate for Pereira did not respond to a single corporate tax or to the national tax of the CD party. They reiterated their support for the “plan” led by President Naib Bukkale.

As a party, Candidate Florus separated himself from the CD on Twitter, and described it as “manipulation by a candidate using the party’s colors on his own account”, so the option of giving the appearance support that we will not inquire into the purchase! ”.

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For his part, Mayor Pereira explained that it was the CD candidate’s “wise decision” because they have so many commonalities, such as municipal accountability.

Pereira added the same way he received yesterday Support for Nua Ideas militancy in San Miguel Municipality He gets it with the CD people today.

Pereira promised he had the information he wanted to ignore his candidacy

During a press conference at CD headquarters, Miguel Pereira promised that the only way to return to the office of Will Salcado mayor was in two ways.

One, they remove him from the podium at any time, “Be careful, because I have information about it, and second, they are stealing my election, and I know some of the things they do, I ask to hold meetings with international organizations they knew at the time,” the mayor added.

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