Delegates delay Roberto Alvarado’s transfer for Uriel Antuna

Source, as discussed by ESPN, revealed that there is a full-fledged agreement between Cruz Azul and Sivas and only sets commissions for players’ agents.

MEXICO.- The wait is long for both fans Blue Cross Y Guadalajara As for the clubs and players involved in the winter blast that has been cooking for two weeks.

Evidence has confirmed ESPN Negotiation is “on track”, the total agreement between the orders to give the “green light” to the exchange Roberto Alvarado For Uriel Antunna Y Alejandro MallorcaLegal departments and sports managers at La Magina and Sivas are still working on the best details of footballers’ contracts.

These details mainly include the temporary nature of the contracts with Alvarado, Repano and Antuna, and Cementero, which will last for three to four years in each case, as well as commissions to be paid to the players’ agents.

“Delegates are the ones who take the time, they want 10% commissions on the value of the contract, and then they charge the players another percentage. Long stays are not comfortable. Time, ”he said ESPN A source close to negotiation.

“However, negotiations are already well underway and all players are already close to signing.”

ESPN It was reported last December 16 that there was already a total agreement between the first clubs and that Sivas Will retain 50 percent of Yin’s federal rights Antuna For future relocation, as well Blue Cross With half pass Alvarado For the next sale. Bargaining Mayorca It is a one-year loan with the option to purchase La Magvina, which expires on December 31, 2022.

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For now, the ‘Loose’ Alvarado In the first season of the team led by Juan Rhinoceros, La Magvina played 45 minutes against Venados de Merida 2-1. “Brujo” Antuna Y Mayorca They traveled with the herd to Zakatokas on Wednesday to face Mineros as part of a battle to prepare the team led by Michael Leono.

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