Delegates approve amending the bill to create the Ministry of Housing

Santo Domingo, R.D.

The Chamber of Deputies approved the first reading of the Organic Law Plan, which will create the Ministry of Housing, Housing and Buildings (MIVET).

After being approved in two readings of the Senate, the lower house legislators reviewed the bill, made changes, and approved it in the first reading.

Among the changes made by the delegates to the area submitted by the executive were the dissolution of the National Housing Authority (INVI) and the Office of Supervising Engineers for State Works (OISOE), points not established in the attempt sent by the Senate.

Another change introduced was the change in the functions, attributes and powers of the two companies mentioned earlier.

Although INVI has been dissolved, paragraph 1 of Article 99 establishes that this body will maintain its legal personality until December 31, 2021, thus allocating the allocated budget resources and OISO.

According to Section 5 of the Bill, the Dominican State will be the governing body responsible for planning and designing policies, policies, plans, strategies and tools in the areas of housing, habitat, human settlement, building construction and reconstruction.

In addition, the Ministry “promotes and implements the construction of all types of housing and public buildings, including hospital, school, university, and museum buildings, for the use or operation of public organizations and institutions and public buildings.Public and Public Works.

Similarly, it establishes criteria and guidelines for granting or granting licenses and approvals for the construction of public and private buildings, as well as establishing criteria for managing and issuing construction regulations.

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During the discussions, the opportunity for urgent approval was raised in two readings, but in the absence of representatives in the hemisphere, the request was not mentioned.

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