Debbie Valenzuela finds love and goes to Polly and meets her

Sample Stephanie Valencula, Not only to say who will be visiting his hometown Peru Is ready to start his life again, He will talk about this in his author book and now in a part of a good start He already has someone who attracts his soul.

Debbie confirmed this in an interview with Venga La Alecria this morning In the postcards shared on her Instagram profile she recently met the guy her new love, Although he did not reveal his identity, he said he lives on the island of Bali next to the trip.

its true, The person I am with lives in Bali”, The actress believed.

As I commented earlier, this has already started with an extension of a book Will tell the story of his lifeHowever it will be as soon as you land In Bali he plans to finish it He promised that Welver would not do it until he could.

Now I go to Bali and it takes a month to finish. I promise I will not come back until it is over, I will work hard for this, because it’s time to finish this with greater vigor and now with everything I have learned. “, he said Tefy Valencula With the promise that this will be an interesting and quality book.

So it already seems to be Valencula He left behind the painful length of his life in which he lived next to actor Eliasar Gomez, And although the column will always be a part of it, now it is ready to start.

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Debbie had already left Eleazar in the past

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