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Miss Universe, model, Puerto Rican actress and singer’s first wife He had two children, Christian and Ryan Munis, whom he considers his greatest pride.

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The model, now 47, was also the protagonist of films such as “Linda Sarah” with singer Cayne and “200 Cartes” with Lynn-Manuel Mirande.

Dayanara Torres and Zion in “Linda Sarah” (Photo: Cinesí Inc)

However, difficult times were not alien to him. The entrepreneur, after the revelation of his diagnosis in February 2019, has devoted much of his time to raising awareness about a debilitating skin cancer he faced.

The move he had to make from Los Angeles to Miami a few days ago was another difficult moment in his life.

Unexpected change

Dayanara Torres said the main reason she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived about 17 years ago, was because her children felt lonely after going to college.

Christian moved to New York two years ago to read the chart, which was hard for me, but not complete because I still had Ryan.“, He said on the show””.

Shortly afterwards, however, his second son, after graduating in June 2021, later decided to leave home to attend university. This made her feel lonely in the house where she lived.

I said, I think it’s time to come with family”, He said he now lives in Miami.

He also mentioned that his sister and mother live in the area, which is very close to Puerto Rico. Also, last March he shared photos and videos of his new home, where he donated some decorative items from his own home.

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