Davinson Sanchez begins Tottenham’s victory over Manchester City in the Premier League

Davinson started the Sanchez season in the Premier League with a good step. Title and best performance in Tottenham’s win over Manchester City. The note was, by a high standard, by the son.

In keeping with his style, Manchester City began to own the ball, looking prudent and offensive. The protagonist was left among the Citizens, who left Greece as their number 10 because not only the number, but also the link player in the attack and in the middle of the field. It started with neutralizing Cardiola’s men’s strategic game paths, with Mendy and Concelo retaining Spurs’ exit.

Also, at the start, the Grilish, newcomer, began to capture the area in the middle of the court, but, with his touch, broke the pace and set aside possessions known to Cardiola. In the pages of Davinson Sanchez, he began to show conditions, forming a mid-pair with Dyer and showing his position with type, safety and calm as he left the ball on the ground and closed places for City.

In the second half, possession was maintained, which was less for Nuno. In football, performance rewards, that’s how it was for the Spurs. The Korean son’s inner cut, he drew the dry shot with his left and force, so he went inside, surprised Ederson.

Despite almost twice the number of passes made, Manchester City found no path to equality and entered the zone of despair in search of possession, before the defensive fence put forward by Spurs. As the minutes passed, they seemed more and more determined in defense, with Sanchez being the protagonist for the next four.

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Davinson’s role increased as his sweeps were avoided, and eventually, Cardiola’s men gradually lost intensity in the attacking front. The next day, Spurs will travel to Wolverhampton and Manchester City to Norwich.

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