Danilo: “PLD is coming back with more power, more skills, more experience”

Danilo Medina, the former leader of the Republic and the new leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), delivered a convincing speech on behalf of the militants of the purple political group, in which he reiterated The beginning of a new phase characterized by the renewal and strengthening of the party.

In his inaugural address at the closing of the Idea Jose Joaquin Bide Medina Ordinary Congress, Medina Sanchez stressed that they are capable of organizing a nationwide election without setbacks and that electronic voting is a task.

“It is an orderly, organized, transparent process because it is the DNA of our party,” Medina said.

In his speech, Medina said that without the initials of the party he leads today, Dominican history cannot be built and that in the 20 years they have been in power, they have produced the growth and change that the country is manifesting.

“The PLD is coming out again with more power, more skills, more experience, more energy than ever, remember this date,” said other expressions of the recently inaugurated party leader.

He noted that more than 30% of the members of the Central Committee are under the age of 40 and more than 20% are women.

New party members were welcomed at the event.

Actions taken during Congress

Among the measures announced by Medina, participation in the party was reduced from 10 to 5 years, so that a militant would aspire to a position in the Central Committee.

Medina also promised that the time would soon come for the X to lead the party, culminating in the organisation’s X Ordinary Congress.

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Similarly, members of the political committee make patriarchal promises, as well as the use of economic resources to carry out internal campaigns. Faced with the move, Medina declared that the votes would be won through ideas and plans.

The heads of the secretariats shall not hold office for more than two terms of 4 years. The leaders of the Interim Committees shall cease their functions without being elected to the Central Committee, and there shall be at least two Vice-Chairmen of the Party to coordinate the functions of the Science-Technology and the Party-Social Secretariat.

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