Danilo Carrera will marry a royal woman

Danilo Carrera He did not find love with Michael Reynolds, but since last June 2022, with a woman who has already given Engagement ring and royalty guaranteed.

Since last December, Danilo Carrera -34 years old- has shared an engagement ring he bought at a prestigious jewelry store in New York.

however, Danilo Carrera is not known to have a partnerSo the question of who is the engaged actor and leading man of soap operas in Mexico is unleashed.

Some rumors suggested that it was a princess, A few days ago, Danilo Carrera confirmed that his fiancée belongs to the monarchy.

He also talked about the cost of an engagement ring he bought for an anonymous girlfriend.

Prince Danilo Carrera? The actor will marry a royal lady

Danilo Carrera He was in love, and he kept it very secret, because suddenly – in December 2022 – he only shared that he already was. Engagement.

With a luxurious and large ring designed by a jewelry store, the actor from Ecuador shared the love message on his Instagram, noting that he found what he was looking for so much.

And beyond surprising him with his commitment, he left uncertainty Who is his future wife?With whom it is known that it began on June 30, 2022.

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Well, the actor continues to be very protective of his love.

Danilo Carrera, actor. (@DaniloCarreraH)

However, a few weeks later, a rumor surfaced that Danilo Carrera’s fiancee was involved RoyaltyThe same point he had already confirmed.

Danilo Carrera said “anyone can sit”. His future wife is a royalBut he pointed out that it is not as scandalous as it is believed to be.

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According to his argument, the title “royalty” was not used in Latin America because he characterized it casually.

“We, in Latin America, are not used to this, but in other continents it is very common for him to have a title, to have palaces, for his family to have palaces.”

Danilo Carrera, actor.

Without confirming whether he would be part of the royalty, Danilo Carrera assured, “I don’t think the titles will pass, I don’t know how it works, It’s not something I like”.

To surprise royalty? Danilo Carrera bought an engagement ring that cost almost as much as his house

Danilo Carrera He shared that it was luxurious Engagement ring He cost his royal fiancée as much as his house.

The actor laughed at how expensive the ring was.

Likewise, Danilo Carrera gushed about his unnamed royal fiancée, who is “smart, beautiful, a great athlete, speaks four languages.”

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