Daniella Navarro Gets Kicked Out of Celebrity House and Ivonne Montero Asks Not to Win $200,000

Daniela Navarro was eliminated from the competition, although she hopes the public will vote for their favorites among the finalists. A famous houseThey assert that Ivonne Montero is not eligible to win $200 thousand dollars. Fans immediately responded to these statements and told her: “Pure poison drains that girl.” Others did not stop calling her: “Jealousy”.

The public is sure that Daniela Navarro’s wishes are not fulfilled, and they unite to make Yvonne Montero the new winner of La Casa de los Famosos, replying to Venezuela: “Now I’m going to ask the phone to face Daniela. The numbers of my neighbors to vote for Yvonne.”

Followers of the Telemundo reality show let it be known that one of the reasons why Daniela was kicked out of the competition was the hatred and bullying she used to chase Yvonne Montero around the house, making them look tired. All the “hate” he starts against the Mexican actress, in the end, does nothing for him: “Once again invoking “hate.” I see Yvonne is going to win because we’re already big enough to fall into these types of artists, so to speak, and they throw dirt on her.

Amid this whirlwind, many of Daniela Navarro’s fans unfollowed her and now prefer Yvonne Montero: “You are my favorite Daniela, you came out like Laura and still spewing venom. How sad, that’s why you lost the public that supported you, Nacho who doesn’t deserve to win, no one but Nacho. I’m going to Yvonne, I’m disappointed in you Daniela Navarro”.

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