Dani Alves left the Pumas to sign Joan Camper with Barcelona

Camp Nou, Barcelona /

to Cougars They may have put on something memorable 6-0 winBut Dani Alves “Didn’t Lose” With university students, being Brazilian Went to celebrate with Barcelona playerswho raised him in their arms, called him “Mandeda” and He even lifted the Joan Camper Trophy.

Although Disgraceful failure of the National University At Camp Nouville and his teammates disguised as Blaugrana, they tried to digest what had happened before storming off. Dani Alves was invited by the Catalans to lift the trophy Symbolically, thank you for everything the South American has achieved at the club.

Dani Alves lost to the Pumas but lifted Joan Camper. (EFE)

truly, This pre-season game for Barça was in honor of Dani AlvesBetween 2008 and 2016, he won every possible title at club level with the Catalans, highlighting the Sextete’s legendary season, which he shared with current Spanish coach Xavi Hernandez and other stars such as Lionel Messi. , Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Mexican Rafael Marquez.

After the trophy ceremony, The team rounded up Dani Alves to make him a “Mandeeta”., which involves throwing your hands in the air so that the crowd in the arena cheers you on. For this moment, There was no one from the Pumas on the field.

It has received Divided opinions on social media. On the one hand, There are also those who were delighted to pay tribute to Daniel Alves da Silva at BarcelonaWho calls him a “soccer legend” and it is valid to give the Brazilian this important treatment after the game.

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On the other hand, Some Pumas fans were upset with Dani AlvesLooks like who they were talking about “It’s worth it to mothers” 6-0 shame Jon Camper was laughing so hard at the trophy that his teammates, coaching staff and board of directors were accused of a “lack of sensitivity”.

The truth is The Pumas must return to Mexico The next one is due this Monday They play against USA on Saturday 13 August In another edition of the Clásico Capitalino at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, the University students are tenth in Liga MX with 8 points and Águilas final points with a sad 4 units.

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