Dani Alves accused of sexual assault by Spanish media

Barcelona, ​​Spain. /

Daniel Alves Immersed in a scandal SpainAfter it is pointed out sexual assault By a woman who claims she was assaulted at a bar located in the city BarcelonaWhere is the right side? Cougars He will spend his vacation after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The policeman To investigate the case Friday December 30 In the party room tuset street A woman claims the 39-year-old Brazilian touched her without her consent.

According to a version of events obtained by Spain’s ABC media, Alves He put his hand inside her underwear He touched her without her consent. This prompted the man to alert his companions, who helped him contact him Security forces This is the place to take action in this matter.

The security of the property accepted the woman’s invitation and implemented the protocol according to these circumstances. They called the policeInitiated investigation against Daniel Alves. On the other hand, the woman was reportedly shifted to the hospital Clinically reviewed Then file your complaint.

The news agency explained that he had contact with people close to him Daniel AlvesThose who said “Nothing Happened”But they made it clear that he was present at the scene of the events.

Daniel Alves Expected in Cougars To preseason. However, the club has not made any formal announcement before this No football player The contract is valid through the first half of 2023.

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