Daikin opens AireXperience interactive space to bring closer the future of air conditioning • Efficiency

company Daikin Daikin’s AireXperience interactive space designed so visitors can learn about the future of air conditioning opened. Through this center of expertise they will enjoy the latest innovations in geothermal systems to meet the different needs of the user depending on their home or business.

Those interested in visiting AireXperience By Dakin can do so in person or virtually by making an appointment.

Japanese Daikin technology not only achieves smart air conditioning, but also achieves it in a sustainable way, since air conditioning systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

The European Union obliges member states to get rid of gas and diesel boilers by 2035 and everything that runs on fossil fuels. The path to decarbonization is no longer in the future, it is already there, it is the present, and our best option is wind thermal energy. 40% of homes in Spain are heated with natural gas, so as a leading brand in the air conditioning sector we have the great job of helping the user along this path, offering solutions that help them save and comply with the regulations. And at the same time make you feel comfortable in the interior spaces where you spend a large part of your time. “The user will benefit from greater savings and more sustainable air conditioning,” says Marisol Fernandez, Marketing Director of Daikin Spain.

Solutions for air conditioning, energy consumption and the metaverse

This immersive Daikin experience includes different areas. First of all, there is an interactive wall through which attendees discover, in an interactive way, the different solutions for conditioning their homes, and how they can help provide more efficient and well-connected homes. In addition, in this experiment there will also be space to know the energy consumption of the room, thanks to the consumption simulation on the interactive table.

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Likewise, AireXperience By Daikin can be enjoyed virtually, thanks to the reproduction of this space in the metaverse, breaking down the barriers of physical space, with the aim of transporting the future of air conditioning, no matter where one is. Indeed, those interested can discover AireXperience By Daikin by booking an appointment, to attend in person and virtually, at this link.

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