DACO inspects nearly 100 gas stations

Today, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) has implemented a process across the island to verify the compliance of retailers with the various provisions that apply to them, particularly those relating to gasoline quality that they send to the pump.

“DACO has received repeated admissions about alleged deceptive practices related to the octane rating of gasoline. At the wholesale level we conducted an investigation a few months ago and did not discover any irregularities. On this occasion we wanted to address the situation specifically with retailers,” explained the secretary, Aidan Rivera Rodriguez in writing.

Gas stations in the metro area, north, east, west, and south, of all brands available for retail sale in Puerto Rico, as well as some independent stations, were visited by inspectors from DACO’s Weights and Measures division. In the metro area, they had the support of consumer affairs inspectors.

“It was a fairly intensive process, because although it focused primarily on octane, the inspectors took the opportunity to check other requirements that apply to gas stations, such as labeling and quality of equipment for product distribution in the metro area, in addition, Shops were searched,” he identified Rivera.

The secretary explained that with regard to the octane allegations, they had not discovered any kind of wrongdoing. However, “many violations have been identified related to areas regulated by weights and measures, for which indicative notices have been issued to correct defects within 15 days or earlier.”

Rivera added that consumer affairs inspectors, for their part, identified expired products in gondolas in some convenience stores in the metro area, among other irregularities which led to the issuance of several irregularity notices.

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DACO Weights and Measures is the body responsible for ensuring the correct operation of all weighing and measuring equipment for commercial and industrial use in Puerto Rico. With regard to fuels, it is responsible for regulating and monitoring compliance with various federal and local regulations for the correct and safe dispatch and marketing of these products.

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