Customs Christmas grace will be four thousand dollars this year

The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) will apply from this Wednesday, December 1st, Until January 7, 2022 Christmas grace to exempt and exempt all types of import taxes on gifts brought into the country by Dominicans residing abroad.

The prize money is set to not exceed US $ 4,000.00 this year, The maximum offered in the history of this hat.

In a statement, the Directorate of Customs stated that the initiative has its main objective “Rewarding Dominican residents in other countries for their remittance contributions and at the same time mitigating the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 epidemic on the world.”

In the first 10 months of the year, revenues reached US $ 8,675.1 million, up from $ 2,035 million (US $ 6,639.4 million in 2020), equivalent to 30.7% growth, according to data from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD); Compared to 2019, family money transfers reached US $ 5,873.2 million, an increase of over 47% in 2021, to an additional US $ 2,801 million.

Only one grace for a family

The director of the DGA, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, recalled that a family would be given only one grace, which would not include any kind of motor vehicles, guns and fuels or products considered to be industrial or agricultural raw materials, including their derivatives.

“Due to the restrictions imposed by the airlines on the delivery of gifts, the FOB value of the goods carried will not exceed the established amount and the quantities will be allowed to be carried as the passenger deems appropriate. The business allows only one unit for each type of merchandise, especially for household goods.” , Explained the DGA.

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To avail of this facility, expatriates and consignee must present themselves with the relevant customs office (collectoria) with their passport, purchase invoice, boarding pass and documents showing that they are more than six months old. Entering the country. “This measure will be used until the entry of merchandise takes place during the period established for the Christmas grace”, “he said. The statement emphasizes.

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