Cubans spend more dollars on shopping in Venezuela than Russian tourists

The opening of shopping tourism facilities from Cuba in Venezuela, including tourist cards for entry, along with affordable packages called “mules”, increases the number of Cubans who visit the Isla Margarita Pole each month, and also increases their spending.

According to the president of Fedecámaras Nueva Esparta, Jesús Irausquín, Cuban travelers spend between 3,500 and 5,000 dollars on their purchases, compared to Russian visitors, who spend no more than a thousand dollars on a stay at Isla Margarita. In fact, some spend no more than $350 on their leisure trips to this Venezuelan pole, so eager for the surge in tourism.

Even if they come to all-inclusive hotels, it’s no less true that Russians spend money on going out, walking, shopping, dining and entertainment. It’s real and verifiable,” said Irasquin.

The Cuban purchase on Isla Margarita exceeds that of the Russians

A local press report from El Nacional newspaper, Accurate Until the end of August this year, 28,000 Russian tourists came to Margarita Island, but what they do is “pleasure” tourism, small purchases of “handicrafts, rum, chocolates and coffee”.

Unlike the Cuban tourists who are dedicated to reselling products on the island and are going to make big purchases, a new cargo plane was announced this week by Cubans in Venezuela for these purchases.

Since 2021, when the first flight from Havana to Borlamar Airport was made, Cubans have left more dollars in the hotels and markets of Isla Margarita, where things like clothing, televisions, and motorcycles are more affordable. Beyond the cost of the tour package, which is close to $800, Cuban visitors spend up to $5,000 per visit there.

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Until February of this year, 5,000 Cubans were counted on these shopping trips to Venezuela, although it should already have 10,000 tourists. Not only do they visit Isla Margarita, but they also go to Falcon State, Paraguana, another place that has been declared Special Economic Zones for this type of shopping tourism.

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