Cubans arrested in Spain for burglarizing houses in Zaragoza

Spain’s national police arrested two Cubans belonging to a gang of house robberies in Zaragoza. In total, seven persons aged between 32 and 62 have been arrested. All have been accused of robbing various buildings in the Spanish city. City officials announced that they were two gangs. One of them was composed only of Georgian citizens, and the other was led by Cubans and Peruvians. In all cases, the persons involved forced their way into the houses and stole belongings and household goods from their owners.

Police confirmed that they are small and medium-sized gangs made up of foreigners operating across the European continent. They are part of a structure with a higher hierarchy that allows access to object instructions, as well as instructions necessary to execute thefts.

Proper planning of robberies

Based on this structure and preparation, members of this type of gang usually achieve their objectives before each coup. They are highly planned, researched robberies, with tasks shared among those involved so as to leave no traces. They take all necessary steps to ensure that the loot is “clean” and that there is no way to identify them.

The Robbery Squad of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade was in charge of the investigation. Experts clarified that several robberies took place in Zaragoza in the last days.

The initial arrest took place on May 31. That night the agents forced their way into a house in the city and arrested three people. On the last day of last month, the police found a car of four masked men who entered another house with the same activity. In this case, a neighbor’s complaint is necessary.

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After searching the vehicle, stolen jewellery, wallets and documents were seized. Those arrested were charged with careless driving, home burglary, belonging to a criminal group and resisting authority.

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