Cubans are abandoning the American dream and seeking to settle in northern Mexico

An increase in asylum applications in Mexico has created particular interest in the Tapachula area, where Cubans seek to settle and find better life opportunities.

Maria Carmen, a Cuban immigrant, shared with Mexican media South Journal This upward trend is attributed to the preference of the majority of Cubans living in Mexico, particularly in northern cities such as Monterrey, Tijuana, and Guadalajara.

According to Maria Carmen, the decision to seek asylum in Mexico responds to the fact that Cubans reaching the United States are no longer a priority, given the difficulty of entering the neighboring country. In addition, he pointed out that salaries in Dapachula are low and the cost of living is high, making it difficult to make ends meet, especially for immigrants.

In the first quarter of 2024, Cuba ranked second in the number of asylum applications in Mexico, with a total of 5,152 applications filed in Tapachula. This increase in Cuban immigration has led to a change in migration dynamics in the region, with a decrease in flows toward the United States and a significant increase toward Mexico.

The migration phenomenon has also affected hotel occupancy in Tapachula, where a continuous flow of asylum seekers has been recorded. However, this situation presents challenges for migrants and local authorities, especially in terms of coordination and available resources.

The increase in asylum requests by Cubans in Mexico reflects a search for new opportunities, and although more than 32,000 Cuban migrants were recorded entering the US southern border in March alone, the traditional dynamics of immigration in the region have changed.

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