Cuban woman Amanda's health becomes complicated

Cuban woman Amanda Lemoore Ortiz Reported again A gentle state of healthBut doctors have asked the family to maintain a positive mindset as there are still options for optimal recovery.

First Amanda had an organ transplant In Spain, health experts warned that it was a very complicated recovery process.

On Wednesday Amanda started bleeding again Had to return to the operating room a fourth time for a minor surgical intervention.

“They did Biliary drainage. He started bleeding again from the catheter. We are very worried even though doctors say there are solutions for everything, but they had to take the girl back to the intensive care unit,” said activist Yamilka Lafida (Laura Grafs).

A medical examination revealed massive bleeding in the girl's abdomen, around the implant, and doctors believe it could be related to the fresh bleeding the girl had suffered.

“When the girl gets sick, I always do the same analysis: How much would we have saved if the Cuban government had allowed Amanda to leave in time or if they had cured her?” The activist said.

The Spanish hospital where Amanda is is covering the girl's expenses, but not her parents' support.

The girl's family and friends reactivated the fundraising campaign GoFundMe Because Amanda's recovery process may take some time. His mother and father must stay abroad without work.

The Unity of Cubans in Exile It has been, is, and will continue to be a major factor in this Cuban family's fight for their daughter's life.

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