Cuban MSME “πlares Construcciones SRL” will offer internships to like-minded students

The Cuban Mipyme “πlares Construcciones SRL” proposes to students this summer an internship related to their professional area.

In this case, architecture and civil engineering students can choose to upgrade. Undoubtedly, this is a new and innovative project amidst the changing panorama of the island.

The above mentioned summer program will be held from 1st to 26th August during the teaching break.

This will be denoted as “An2 of π”. In this regard, Yuliata Hernandez, founder of “πlares”, commented to the agency I.P.S Internship arose in response to the current need. “Students with these job profiles lack professional experience.”

Many of them already have places for graduates. However, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security did not allow the shift to the private sector.

Innovative projects to reach summer

“πlares” will be able to know exactly that and more to all students who enroll in the proposed internship. Its working group has designed a comprehensive plan that will make it possible to use the summer through exchange between workers and students.

As an added attraction, Mipyme announced that the work will be paid. Thus, students will know how to work under contract and salary. Additionally, they will receive the same treatment as the company’s professionals.

The internship program consists of two basic parts, one is curricular and the other is extra-curricular.

First, students will live a complete work experience. They will also have a work plan established by current labor laws.

As for the extra-curricular area, students can join recreational, environmental, sports and cultural activities.

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They get a chance to showcase their talent by participating in competitions organized by “πlares”. Undoubtedly, it will be a summer of relaxation and learning for those who opt for this new training.

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