Cuban filmmaker Sergio Giral has died in Miami

Cuban filmmaker Sergio Giral has directed notable films such as Maria Antonia, the glass ceiling And The other is FranciscoDied in Miami at age 87.

The Council of Cuban Filmmakers issued a statement Facebook The news and the artist's career were highlighted The other is Francisco included in the list 10 Most Famous Cuban Films.

“He joined ICAIC in the early sixties and after making several documentaries he made his debut in fiction. The other is Francisco (1974), the first in a trilogy that examines African roots in our culture and the violent processes of enslavement of the continent's natives.

Publication in Facebook

The film is considered one of the 10 most popular films in Cuban cinema, and starred Margarita Balboa, Miguel Benavides, Armando Bianchi, Alton Knight, Adolfo Larado, Susana Perez and Alina Sanchez.

For its part, Fig Glass roof (1982) denounced the corruption and double standards of the board of officials, for which it was censured on the island for almost a decade. It also featured prominent actors such as Carlos Adam, Samuel Claxton, Roberto Pertomo, Susana Perez, Miriam Sokaras and George Villazon.

In 1990, Giral, dedicated to the nation, embraced Maria Antonia, a play by Eugenio Hernández Espinosa and received several Goya Award nominations. They participated in this film Alexis Valdez and actress Alina Rodriguez.

In the 1990s, Giral, a North American, returned to the United States to continue his career as a director and producer on various film projects.

“He is one of the few Cuban filmmakers who has systematically studied and brought to cinema the African and Caribbean influences in the construction of our identity. He has continued to be active as part of the Cuban art community in exile. A few weeks ago several of our members proposed that his name be considered for the National Film Award,” the post said.

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