Cuba Granma has appointed two new Deputy Foreign Ministers

Carlos Fernandez de Coscio Dominguez Photo: Cubaminerex

Cuba’s foreign ministry now has two new foreign ministers, according to a statement posted on its website, highlighting the path of diplomats Carlos Fernandez de Coscio Dominguez and Elio Rodriguez Pertomo.

Fernandez de Gocio, who holds a degree in international relations and a doctorate in political science, has previously served as director general of the United States. He has held various responsibilities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Service, including Deputy Director of the Directorate of Multilateral Affairs, Director of North America and Ambassador of Cuba to Canada and South Africa. He was also a guarantor of peace operations in Colombia.

Elio Rodriguez Pertomo Photo: Cubaminerex

For his part, Rodriguez Pertomo holds a degree in International Political Relations and has held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Service, including Director of Europe and Canada and Ambassador to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Cuba. For the European Union and the French Republic, the recently completed post-mission.

Rodriguez Bertomo replaces Comrade Gerardo Penalver Portal, who was appointed First Deputy Minister last December.

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