Cuba broke the windows of a shop in Matanzas

Editorial by CubitaNOW ~ Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A Cuban threw stones at the windows of a government store in Madanzas province.

According to initial reports reaching social networks, the event took place in the municipality of Cardenas.

User Ernesto Sanchez echoed the images this Monday afternoon, where the subject can be seen throwing rocks against the windows of an alleged government facility.

“A man in Cardenas, Matanzas province, with a clean stone against an MLC shop,” read the audio-visual content of a few seconds shared on cyberspace a few minutes ago.

According to reports, the events took place this weekend, although the identity of the man and the reasons that prompted him to do so are unknown.

The fact, if there is one thing that cannot be denied, is that discontent grips many Cubans and desperation drives them to commit these kinds of acts.

Last August, for example, at least two Cubans were arrested in the eastern province of Holguin after allegedly throwing stones at a store and bank.

Francisco Agustin Fuentes Norris and Ramon David Aroche, the latter apparently identified as a minor.

A note shared on the Facebook page “Cazador-Cazado” says the event took place on August 12 in Rafael Freire, a municipality in Holguin.

According to the report, both were under the influence of alcohol when they pelted stones at government institutions.

“Stones against glass” is the title of the note on this page, which uses every complaint to try to clean up the image of the regime and its oppressive system: the police.

This time, they said, the two men were arrested hours after they started pelting stones.

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“Not even 12 hours have passed and these two criminals have already been hunted down,” they say, while Ramon David Aroche “is young to commit the crime, but he looks old enough to do it.” It could be younger.

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