Cruz Azul would have introduced an offer to Brian Lozano

Blue Cross Keep searching Reinforcements for opening 2023 And one of the players who is on the crossroads to reach the team Brian LozanoMidfielder Atlas It is still in competition and will participate Quarter-finals of the Liguilla.

He Lozano eggs was The author of the target removed the cement machine It contains Aztec Stadium In last weekend’s fight repechage. He is an excellent player, with an excellent mid-distance shot and free kick and has already scored six goals in 16 games in this competition.

Already have an offer?

According to Super Sports Media, The Blue Cross Board of Directors He would have already made an excellent offer to the Atlas board of directors, trying to tie up the footballer in the summer. The media hasn’t released that figure, but it promises to be one Millionaire sum.

Lozano also has his record MX LeagueBecause he was the champion Saints In Clausura 2018. In 2022 he left Mexican football. Depression forced him to quit football. He was finally signed by Atlas this Clausura 2023 and has piqued the interest of the machine.

Huevo Lozano returned to form and was key in the free-kick goals he scored Cougars At the Olympic Stadium.

On Saturday he scored another great goal against Cement Farmers and now he is in the quarter finals. Sivas It contains Classic Tabatio.

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