Cruz Azul reaffirmed the trophy for Mexico

La Maquina ended the year with the title, taking Guadalajara’s unbeaten run into the cup for Mexico, ahead of the start of the Clausura 2023.

Blue Cross Defended his title with a 0-2 defeat in the cup for Mexico Sivas In the tournament’s grand final, they took Guadalajara’s unbeaten record from the 2022 tournament. Alexis Gutierrez And Gonzalo CarneiroAfter being crowned in 2020, just before the Rojiblancos, who gave the championship to the Machine for the second time.

Guadalajara were the team that created the most chances in the match goal from the first half, in which their defense was disturbed on two occasions. Jesus is the crownWho saw a barrage Pavel Perez to the center Isaac Prizuela On 33 minutes and already in extra time, after a joint play by the Rojiblancos, he stopped Santiago Ormeno’s header, which reached the hands of the cement captain.

Veljko Baunovic Moved his pieces in the second half Alexis Vega On the playground, he entered instead Zahid Munoz. However, it was the cement workers who finally opened the scoring in the 66′, with Alexis Gutierrez’s individual play limited to a delicate touch that eluded midfielder Sergio Flores and beat Miguel Jimenez.

Sivas After six minutes of trying to react, Fernando Beltran Commanded a play in which he opened the ball Alan Mosowho commanded a centre Jesus GonzalezThe attacker finished with ‘Tagito’, but Founder of Christianity crown He leaned to the left to avoid the fall of his bow.

In the 78th minute, after several minutes of chanting ‘Bocho, Bocho’, The Victor Guzman for Fernando BeltranBut with just eight minutes on the pitch, the midfielder made a mistake as he tried to delay the ball, which fell to the boots of Christian Dabo, who lost the ball but fell. Gonzalo CarneiroThe player who defined the first impression was 0-2 with the cooperation of Miguel Jimenez, because he did not stop the round even when he went to his position.

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