Cruz Azul: FMF and Liga MX announce changes for 2024

Liga MX

Focused on refereeing, members of the board of owners announced a series of changes for the future of national football.

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The future of Mexican soccer is the focus of questions and a certain pessimism on the part of fans and the media. That’s why, in the last hours, Mexican soccer and soccer federation officials Members of the Liga MX Owners Council announced a series of changes.

Many people were waiting for the related announcements Reversal of promotions and dismissalsAt this time Won’t happen. There are no hints of an eventual return to the Copa Libertadores, which was recently endorsed by Concacaf’s president.

Liga MX’s meeting of owners announced Continuous affirmative actionMost of them aim to create transparency Arbitration issue. He did it through a video led by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Paz, president of the FMF. Cruz Azul President Victor Velasquez was present.

It is reported within a set of measures The arbitral tribunal becomes arbitraryHe VAR will be centralisedAnd this Audios will be released every week. A plan was also discussed Development of grassroots footballThey declared Friendlies against Uruguay and Brazil before the Copa AmericaAnd reported about a Regulatory change for the 2024-2025 season.

FMF’s full report on changes to 2024

A gathering of Mexican soccer allies voted for a coalition for fans, A project that seeks to attack the structural problems of our football. Among the first actions we are already working on are:

  • RestorationMore on competitive terms: From the 2024-2025 season, changes will be made to make our matches better and more consistent.
  • Autonomy of the Commission of Arbitrators: We want there to be no doubt about the legality of your decisions.
  • VAR centralization: We are working on setting up an operations center to run VAR for all matches from one place and to standardize criteria.
  • Release of VAR audios: To strengthen the transparency of its decisions.
  • The Restoration of Grassroots Soccer in Mexico: Building a model for talent acquisition and integration in our country
  • High level matches for the national team: Mexico will play against Brazil and Uruguay in 2024 before the Copa America.
FMF Report on Changes to 2024
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