Cruz Azul: Defensive overhaul by Joaquin Moreno

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Cruz Azul added their second straight win in Apertura 2023. One of the most notable aspects of the team is its winning defensive tenacity.

© Imago 7Cruz Azul’s defensive progress in Apertura 2023

After several difficult weeks for the company, Cruz Azul scored its second consecutive victory after 7 months of irregularities. In this way, Joaquin Moreno’s team can stay away from the last places of Apertura 2023 and allow itself to dream of play-in qualification. Although the team’s performance is still not high, the points are coming to La Noria.

The reality is that a 3-1 win over Nekaxa meant a lot to a team that showed great attitude throughout the game. Although the most notable thing was the defence, the only goal they conceded was from a penalty. Obviously, Villar Ditta made a mistake when he extended his elbow and cut the centre, but this was an individual issue and not a team issue as has been the case in recent matches.

Joaquin Moreno’s defensive adjustment at Cruz Azul

One of the interesting situations for Cruz Azul is that the line-up of three central defenders changed throughout the championship. Initially, Carlos Chagledo occupied the left field, while Dita was the libero and Juan Escobar was on the right. However, the Colombian and ‘Titan’ ended up switching positions; Defense against the United States was terminated in this way.

However, it didn’t work out for the ‘Machine’, one of the most successful teams in the tournament. It is for this reason that, since the fight against Atlético San Luis, the defensive formation has changed. Currently, Salcedo plays as the right stopper, Dita on the left and Juan Escobar as the last man. This has allowed each player to show a better version and as a result, gives strength to the entire team.

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Cruz Azul’s defensive progress in Apertura 2023 (Imago 7)

Of course, Salcedo didn’t play many minutes this way as he had to be replaced against Necasa. Even so, the Paraguayan captain seems more comfortable playing freely. By occupying that position, he can gain a much broader perspective while creating defensive relays and ordering his teammates around.

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