Criticism of Raul de Molina after refusing to greet La Materialista with a kiss

Raúl de Molina has received many criticisms After refusing to greet him with a kiss For the urban artist Materialist At the Youth Awards.

In a video that went viral on social networks, the translator of “Desacátate” can be seen greeting the host of “El gordo y la flaca”, however, he put his hand on his shoulder. To prevent the Dominican from approaching him.

“I haven’t kissed anyone because of Covid, but it’s nice to meet you,” the spokesperson said. “I’m afraid I might get Covid like President Biden,” he added.

As for this, The Materialist He said: “No, no, very good, very good. But that’s okay. My pleasure”.

Cuba’s move has been criticized for being in another video She can be seen hugging actor Carlos Ponce.

“But if he is afraid of Covid He should not have gone to that award ceremony. The materialist is always more respectful, more diplomatic, more elevated”. “We do the same for him when he comes to the DR.” “In an interview, Georgina Duluc said: Raul de Molina is the most fearful, ill-educated, confident and arrogant person I’ve ever interviewed. Here’s a sample”, “But Carlos Ponce was also loaded”, some comments on social networks.

So far neither the Dominican nor the presenter has mentioned the matter.

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