Covid-19 record: Science studies a man with coronavirus for 505 days

A man succumbed to the coronavirus for 565 days in the UK until he finally died, the longest known recovery period in the world since the pandemic began, in early 2020. Jays scientists have revealed this strange fact.

The Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, which said it was “the longest-running case of Covid-19 since the start of the outbreak in late 2019”. The patient had a very weak immune system and had been fighting coronavirus for a year and a half

Finally, the man died after contracting the disease with 10 different mutations of the virus in his body.

This case was reported by Dr. Luke Blagdon Snell, after analyzing with his research team how variants change and evolve in prolonged covid-19 cases.

They worked with 9 coronavirus patients who had been ill for more than eight weeks

Scientists from Snell’s team noted that in the case of the man, who had suffered from Covid-19 for 505 days, it was always the same persistent infection and not repeated infections.

In the first investigations they were able to indicate that they were patients with compromised immune systems

Most of those analyzed were infected for about 73 days while only two patients had been infected for more than a year

The first recorded case lasting more than a year was of a 47-year-old woman in Maryland.

The patient who beat cancer tested positive for coronavirus for 335 consecutive days. The technique used by scientists at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to make sure it’s always the same virus and not a different infection is to analyze the genetic code of the infectious agent

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Using this method, they discovered that the virus changed and adapted over time

Snell featured a long Covid19 photo with an ongoing infection

He explained, “In the prolonged Covid-19 period, it is generally assumed that the virus has been eliminated from the body but the symptoms persist. In the case of persistent infection, it represents a continuous and active replication of the virus within the human body.” AO / Amr Not Available

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