Courtney Kardashian is wearing an attractive sheer red dress in Italy

From Courtney Kardashian Dating began Travis ParkerHis Style evolution She is stable until it becomes the gothic muse that revolves around Portofino today. Friday night she was spotted with a spectacle Red dress Simply integrate that, with a single dress, his love story With the drummer of the Blink 182.

Courtney Kardashian red dress from Italy

Creator of Pooja She wore a style with a clear glamorous purpose on the Italian streets, which was not hard for her. Was worn Clothing made of corset, The rest of the design poses a risk Sheer skirt

With Courtney Kardashian Travis Parker in Portobino, Italy.Boy

For a unique touch of classic glamor, Courtney Kardashian Added a stole with a fur effect and filled it Satin strappy sandalsYes This look is, in short, from Golden Hollywood (inspired by his sister? Kim Kardashian And his controversial Marilyn Monroe dress, perhaps?).

The truth is, there is a significant charge if the color red is associated with it Story with Travis Parker. It has come to your account Instagram The American businessman has documented in detail his relationship with the fire-colored origin and victim of red roses. Remember that is your request Wedding Last October, it happened on a beach surrounded by roses.

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