Emerging Countries Are Buying Ethereum, and are Leading the Way in the Mining, Trading, and Spending of Cryptocurrencies

Businesses get better by using the trending selling point. It is a way of telling your customers about your advancement of the value proposition. While relating your offers, it is vital to let your customers see how you accomplish your value proposition. Many successful companies have been fulfilling their goals through the implementation of technology.

Blockchain technology is an aspect that has shaken the financial market, which has come to stay. Many big investors buy Ethereum today as proof of their support of blockchain technology. Countries as well are partaking in this big game and already earning a considerable profit. Although many financial institutions and governments do not fully support cryptocurrency yet, Countries like Kenya, Ukraine, and Colombia, are emerging.

How Many Countries Support Cryptocurrency?

Truthfully, only a few countries allow citizens to do daily transactions with cryptocurrency, while countries like China and Nigeria have shown their exemption. However, this lack of interest primarily emanates from the government’s bodies and not the citizens themselves. Hence, people still freely buy Ethereum or trade on trusted platforms like Bitvavo. According to Bitvavo, you can exchange your country’s currency with ease.

“Transfer euros to your Bitvavo wallet using one of the eight supported payment methods, including credit card. Instantly buy digital assets, once the payment is processed.”

Surprisingly, the Bank of America reports China and Nigeria among the top 10 countries with the highest mining level, trading ratio, and spending on cryptocurrencies. This proves that many market companies that are unregulated by governments are not backing down in cryptocurrencies adoption.

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When people buy Ethereum, they either trade or hodl it, although there have been many holders recently; Ethereum would bounce back sooner than expected due to the bearish market mechanism.

Countries that understand the benefits of blockchain technology are using it to conduct international transactions. By doing so, it becomes challenging to tamper with transaction records or history. Although some users use cryptocurrency to carry out illegal activities, it is mainly associated with Bitcoin. The rise in crypto-associated illegal activities is primarily because of the decentralized mode of transaction. Users can remain anonymous without keeping a record of the coins transferred in their names. When you buy Ethereum, you can choose to go unknown. However, its developers ensure the transactions are in the record but cannot be accessed by a third party. Bitcoin implements smart contracts to validate the authenticity of transactions as well. Amidst this, users fear the privacy of their digital assets, especially since governments can use this information to their advantage. Although this fear exists, no government can access users crypto transactions unless permitted by the server provider.

Which Country Would Lead Cryptocurrency In the Next Decade?

This question has no definite answer because cryptocurrency is a decentralized system and cannot be controlled by any government. As a result, it is impossible to tell which country would lead the blockchain technology in the next decade. With many cryptocurrencies being launched into the market daily, we can only assume a larger volume of participants from certain countries.

Examples are Colombia, Kenya, India, China, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Vietnam. However, these countries are currently leading the market. The rate at which users buy Ethereum and trade cryptocurrencies with abroad countries is rampant, strengthening the transfer bond between the concerned countries.

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Research shows that many altcoins companies have their mining dates back to the region of Xinjiang in China. Although the country restricts her citizens, it creates room for miners to explore the internet space. As a result, experts speculate the likelihood of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). However, CBDCs adoption would require the input and collaboration of many countries. A type of financial regulation like CBDCs would ensure the transparency of transactions and that customers’ information are safe and not leaked out to the public. If a digital currency bank should emerge, a country may not lead its control, but the present emerging countries would have the upper hand.


If you are looking into cryptocurrency investment, I recommend you buy Ethereum. Ethereum has a large community base, making it easier to bounce back when the market is unfavorable. Since cryptocurrency is highly volatile, it is expected to have some unpleasant seasons. At this point, many altcoins become easily influenced by social media and cause investors to panic. Many investors would begin to sell their digital assets at a ridiculous price, thus leading to huge losses.

During these periods, there are usually many acclaimed crypto experts. You can contact Bitvavo centralized agency for predictions and take-ins in current crypto situations to stay out of trouble.

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