Costco customers complain about the chemical taste of grilled chicken

One of the popular store chain’s most popular products is Costco’s chicken. However, in recent days, Some customers have complained on a Reddit opinion forum that it now tastes more chemical.

“We tried it and it has a really bad, distinct chemical taste,” said Reddit user u/MillennialModernMan.

The same user said this happened in the last 3 weeks, but he hasn’t been buying chicken in years.

Other users weighed in on the post, not only complaining about the taste, but also the smell of Costco chicken.

Another user said:I thought I was going crazy or getting the virus again when I tasted some grilled chicken recently and it tasted… chemical and soapy? Very strange”.

Another user said he now notices a distinct taste of chlorine, which is why he stopped taking it a year ago.

Some other users said it is possible that the chicken had some antibacterial medication in it, and this could give the meat its chemical taste.

Other users have mentioned that Costco gets the chicken from different suppliers, so it could be one of those giving the chicken the weird taste.

Costco chicken has long been known for selling for only $4.99, making it highly sought after by people looking to save a few bucks on a meal.

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