Cossette Yar, Dr. Polo’s tender weakness case closed

Anna Maria Polo, the visible face of case closed. In addition to being the presenter, he also participated in part of the production, including the musical screen before investigating more significant legal issues. However, this is not his first television appearance.

Thanks to his work on “Sala de Parejas” (2001), it started with the idea he has today. Case closed, Dr. Polo He won the affection of thousands of people in the world and from there, he became one of the stars of Telemundo.

Ana Maria Polo is one of the stars of Telemundo.

Case close, no one is prouder than himself Anna Maria Polo. “I am very excited to begin the next phase of ‘Case Closed’ and I am deeply grateful to the viewers who have followed me all these years.”

Many times we don’t know who is behind the people we see on television Dr. Polo He has no problem revealing his life, little of which is unknown, to his son, Peter Polo, who he adopted and is now 31 years old, a young businessman.

Ana Maria Polo with her granddaughter.

son Anna Maria Polo He is the father of a girl who has seen the lawyer on several occasions. The nice granddaughter of the most famous lawyer on television is called Gossette and she has a very good relationship with her grandmother. Some time ago, the star dedicated a post to him on his Instagram account. “Don’t forget at this time, share, share, love each other with the family that God gave us, with the family that we have chosen for the rest of our lives, and you will see that this is the true meaning of these. Dates” , wrote.

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