Corruption in the NBA: A woman chains herself in a basketball ring in a new fight against a former owner of a wolf.

A woman chains herself in a basketball ring at the NBA

For the second time in a row, an animal rights defender The NBA Timberwolves stopped playing againThis time, before Memphis Chryslice For the first fight of the playoffs, the woman decided to chain herself in one of the hoops on the court.

What It already happened last Tuesday against the ClippersIn this case, with 4:44 minutes left in the second quarter, Protestant occupied the track and the fight between the owners came to a considerable halt. The guards untied her and took her off the premises.

It was later learned that the concerned activist was being called Zoë Rosenberg19 years old, and the like Alicia Santorio (He hit the ground with his hand in the middle of the game), spoke out against former Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor.

The activist occupied the field and chained himself to one of the hoops (box).

The film captured the moment when the staff tried to untie the chain of the woman wearing the dark blue shirt with that text. “Glenn Taylor is frying live animals.” Built on one side of the ring, many intervened and one of the people in charge could even be seen asking for a tool to speed up the work.

Finally, using a stick, the officers broke the chains and were able to forcibly evict the young woman from the premises. According to the American media, Rosenberg was arrested and imprisoned in the Shelby County Jail. Allegation of disorderly conduct and violation.

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“Animal liberation is on the horizon. Animal husbandry, zoologists, zoos and all other industries that abuse animals should be concerned, ”Rosenberg said in a recent video shared on his Instagram account.

Activist speaks out against Glenn Taylor (Yusa Today Sports)
Activist speaks out against Glenn Taylor (Yusa Today Sports)

As in previous fights, there was opposition from activists Related to factory farms And was said to be an animal rights issue at Glenn Taylor’s egg farm, who sold the Minnesota ownership 266 days ago to business partners Mark Lore and Alex Rodriguez.

This episode happened last Tuesday, April 12, after another woman He would stick his hand in the bar in the fight Between Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Clippers. Following that debate, a global network of animal rights activists called Direct action everywhere Responsibility for the struggle was accepted.

As for the playoff matchThe Minnesota franchise surprised Grizzlys Memphis by bending them 130-117 In the first match of their opening round series.

“We gave another show”Edwards, who scored 36 points, said: “That’s right. We put on a show and made an impact to win. “With this victory, the Wolves, who finished seventh at the Western Conference, took advantage of the second victory. In the process, they snatched the home-court advantage. The next meeting between the two teams will take place next Tuesday at FedExForum in Memphis.

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